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Bike Fit Why you need a bike fit
A bike fit is important to maximize ride comfort, aero dynamics, speed, power, efficiency, overall performance and to prevent injury.
Training Plans Focus on your goals and get results provides structured, affordable, easy to follow training plans for all levels of Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling, Running and Strength Training. All plans are on line and accessible through smart phone or device.
Bike Fit Saddle Selection
If you're not comfortable in the saddle, the remainder of the bike fit will not be precise or effective because you will continue to compensate for saddle discomfort.
Thank you coach Tony Troccoli for all the help in preparing for this race and all the support that helped get me to the end. Switzerland 70.3
- Liz Barcelo
Thanks coach Tony & Beth for bringing out the best in all of us.That would be great to send your students to the Para-Olympics in2016.
- Fermin Camarena, para-athlete
I have had chronic hip pain for a few years. It was getting very difficult to even ride my bike especially hills. After my bike fit with Coach Tony, the hip pain went away. He suggested pedal extensions and with proper body fit to my bike, I was able to ride without pain. Thanks Coach!
- Barbara Weber
I was having problems with hot foot and saddle sore on some of my longer rides, when I went for my fit with Coach Tony. He took body measurements, looked at my riding, adjusted my cleats, and adjusted my position on the bike. Throughout the whole process he patiently explained and answered my questions. I was very happy with the experience, and my old pains are gone...
- Marc Sanchez