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I’ve never been very athletic, but started running in 2001 after a sizeable weight loss, and did my first triathlon with Team in Training at the Day at the Beach tri in Hermosa Beach in 2004. I had so much fun that I kept training, and did Wildflower in 2005 along with some other half-marathons and assorted triathlons. I did a few sprints, and then did my first full marathon at LA Marathon in 2008. I did quite a few races that year, and was trying to train for a half-ironman distance tri that year when I started feeling tired. I remember thinking that I was training so hard, but not getting any better. In May of 2008, while running Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside, I felt dizzy and finally looked at my heart rate, which had spiked to over 200. I went to work but kept monitoring my heart rate and ended up being sent to a cardiologist directly. As it turned out, I had a condition called atrial fibrillation (afib), which causes irregular heart rates. The cardiologist said – no more running. I remember I was supposed to swim at Corona del Mar that night, and I asked if I could still do that (no). This was the start of about a 2 year process of seeing cardiologists, trying medications (yuck!) and trying to exercise without bringing on the afib. I finally had two ablations, which is a procedure that fixes the afib in 2010, and finally feel at this point that the afib is a thing of the past, and under control I have found that exercise is a great way to counteract the stress of work-I work as a Finance Director in a local government. Work hard, play hard!

Terri's Accomplishments:

  • 2012-Los Angeles 13.1 Half Marathon
  • 2012-Hollywood Half Marathon
  • 2012-Ojai to Ocean Half Marathon
  • 2012-Redlands Classic Public Ride
  • 2012-Ojai Metric Century
  • 2012-Big Rock Super Sprint
  • 2012-Riverside Triathlon

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