Franki Brotzler (Crestline, CA)

When I first met Coach Tony, he was my swim coach for Team in Training. The triathlon I was about to embark on was my first ever, not to mention my first endurance event as well. Tony's email address read, “tonycantswim”. I pondered why my swim coach couldn’t swim. After a couple of practices I asked him. A motorcycle accident took the use of his left arm.  TONY CANT SWIM! NOT EVEN CLOSE. After the event we started training together as friends. His motivation, encouragement, as well as so many other things pushes me onward as an athlete, and as a person. Watching a one armed man pass other swimmers in the water has always blown me away, but its not that that makes me train with him. It’s his humor that he brings out during the part of a bike ride that makes you want to get off your bike and cry, but he makes you laugh instead. It’s the fact that he never leaves anyone behind, no matter how many people he is training. Tony is the considerate, consistent person that I know I can count on.

Thanks Tony for being a friend and a coach.
> Sincerely,

Franki Brotzler

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