triathlon 300x168 Many of you have an Ironman in the near future. First and foremost, best of luck. I’m sure you will do well. This article is intended to address the question many of you have asked: how do I prepare my transition bags?

During an Ironman race, outside assistance is prohibited. Outside assistance is considered any help not provided by the race organization. Assistance from rest stops, designated bike repair tents, or roving sag wagons is allowed. Assistance from friends, family, or spectators is prohibited. If your significant other hands you a water bottle and you are caught, you may receive a time penalty or be disqualified.


It's early on Monday morning.  I'm in a standing sync up meeting with a peer outlining the work week's objectives as we do every Monday morning.  The meeting typically ends with a discussion about our weekend activities.  I get to hear all about his son's basketball games and how well he played; always an enjoyable listen.  And then the question about my weekend comes up.  "What's the point" I ask myself.  "At the end of this conversation, you'll say I'm crazy and leave me with a feeling abnormality."