Articles TriBikeWintertime can make it difficult to conduct training.  Sometimes weather limits us to the indoors requiring the use of a stationary bike or treadmill.  But if you’re like me, I can’t do too much time on either before I’m bored.  Stationary workouts cannot only be fun, they can be more effective because there is no coasting or resting.  They are also great replacement workouts for when time is limited.   The below workout is great for improving 3 things; Bike Strength, Transition Run, and Confidence.  Weather permitting or not, if done regularly this workout will take your mind off the stationary boredom and make you faster.

Warm Up = Stationary Bike Training 5 minute warm up, small chain ring high cadence 80+ RPM, soft pedal. 

Main Set = 5 x (Bike Trainer 1 minute hard big chain ring, 70+ rpm, 1 minute easy small chain ring high cadence 80+ RPM, soft pedal.) 5 x (Treadmill 1 minute easy recover hart rate, 1 minute hard or uncomfortable pace)

Repeat Main set 2 more times

Cool down = 5 minute jog/walk + Stretch